Last week, a spray-painted mural by street artist Banksy (UK 1974) disappeared from a North London street. Later it was found at aFine Art Auctions Miami on Saturday, the auction house of Frederic Thut, who planned to sell the missing piece. He claimed to have done all the necessary steps to establish ownership of the work. Despite this, the work was removed from the auction. “Although there is no legal problem regarding the sale of lots six and seven of Banksy, Fine Art Auctions Miami senders convinced him to withdraw such lots from the auction and recover the power of authority of those works,” wrote Thut. The work owned by Thut polemic or not, is entitled “Slave Labour”, shows a kid kneeling by a sewing machine flags of United Kingdom, this was painted on a building occupied by Poundland Stores, a British retailer that sells for a pound. The auction house in Miami refuses to say who is the property priced between 500,000 and $ 700,000. Poundland has complained about the withdrawal through his spokesperson and social media.

Besides “Slave Labour”, another mural entitled “Wet Dog” was removed, this is priced between 600,000 and $ 800,000. It is owned by Stephan Keszler gallery owner in New York specializing in the works of Banksy. This piece is thought to have been spray-painted in the West Bank in 2006 and is the silhouette of a wet dog shaking. It was rescued in 2010 by Keszler and company, later bought it. “The take off by the impact. We did not feel comfortable in this environment, but I think we are very pleased that the auction has sought Banksy street work. It is an achievement, “Keszler said the decision to remove the part of the auction.

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