La galería Gagosian de Roma es la encargada de montar esta exposición que abrió esta semana, y que trata de rendir un merecido homenaje al primer hombre que quiso adentrarse en la personalidad de sus modelos utilizando la fotografía de manera dinámica.

Avedon: Beyond Beauty is an exhibition dedicated to photographer Richard Avedon, who through hundreds of shots tried to understand women through art. His photographs offer a journey that captures feminine beauty in an unconventional way. The Gagosian Gallery in Rome is responsible for creating this show which opened this week, and tries to pay tribute to the first man who wanted to delve into the personality of his models using photography dynamically.


© Richard Avedon

The familiar faces of Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Björk or Marilyn Monroe, are mixed with anonymous faces, whose only connection is the sense of movement and a sweeping beauty. Taking women as principal axis, pictures unite the different stages of Avedon’s career, who ingeniously managed to freeze hundreds of women looking to evoke their true personality.


© Richard Avedon

The director of the Gallery, Pepi Marchetti, described the exhibition as “a journey through feminine beauty” which is sometimes unconventional. The same Avedon confessed himself as a true lover of face and said that he is captive of delicacy and excellence “of a simple gesture.” As a photographer, he always sought a  standard of beauty, different to the commonly accepted. Of the more than 50 pictures in the exhibition, highlights the taken to the model Lauren Hutton, the first bare chest that appeared in Vogue.

Source and images: Gagosian Gallery.

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