Together, the artist Martin Smith and engineer Nick Regan founded the company Laikingland in 2008, which is focused on transforming their ideas into kinetic art pieces handmade limited edition along with international guest artists and designers. “We set out to make beautiful kinetic art, but what is its purpose? Making people smile. Our creative practice has to do with making kinetic devices investigate topics with humor, absurdity and futility”, says Smith. One of the most curious creations of the duo, is A.W.E or Automated Winding Engine, a unique piece created especially for the MAD Gallery. This is an analog kinetics robot in its control and operation with motion sensors that activate the robotic arm.The lower arm extends and turns toward the subject interacts with A.W,E weighing the function is to show people a watch or jewelry. The robotic arm was shown by MB & F, a customer of the brand, to show its timepieces.

Source and images: ©Laikingland, ©Automated Winding Engine

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