The Ateneo Madrid announced that will auction some artworks of its collection, next February 21st, included two entire collections of Goya’s engravings, due its hard economic situation. However the Spanish Historic Heritage Commission have not allowed yet the auction. The resolution adopted by the Commission will be a technical decision, in which expertness will analyze the opportunity of authorizing this auction. Both collections have an estimated value of €85,000.00 for “Los Desastres” and €55,000.00 for “Los Caprichos”.

From Ateneo’s collection, besides of Francisco de Goya prints, will be auctioned Alfonso Fraile easels, Caballito en la nieve by Jose Moreno Villa, Las dos Castillas. Suite Ibérica by Genaro Lahuerta, and La composición by Josep Guinovart. A still-life by Crisanto de Vera, the painting Universidad de Salamanca by Wilfredo Lam, Composición by Eusebio Sempere, and Plasticos by Manuel Millares.

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