ART PRAGUE 2013: MARCH 19 – 24

For the twelfth time in Prague from March 19 to 24 will be held the contemporary art fair Art Prague, a unique national showcase of contemporary art in the Czech Republic. This year, the event will take place in the house Kafově in downtown Prague.

The exhibitors are participating artists from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Taiwan and France, including the galleries Bleibtreu, del Milenio, Mathieu, Litera, Prinz Prager, Química, Tráfico de Arte, Moldavita, Navratil and Gambit. In addition to these galleries, will be presented artists as Sykora, Kolar, Malich, Grygar Pacovská, Šimotová, Rittstein, Načeradský Mainer, Níquel and Rona. Art Prague curatorial projects continue to expand and support a new generation of art students working together with the youth art theorists. A large part is devoted to sculpture, new media and street art, a new item is a special section for students of the University of Applied Arts in Prague. It also extends the artistic activity of children. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience different art techniques under the guidance of instructors and parents with children may attend the special art workshop for them.

If you require more information visit the Art Prague portal here HERE.

Information and images: artprague

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