• The Armory Show, March 7 to 10 2013: One of the most important international art fairs of modern and contemporary art and one of the most important annual events in New York, which you can read more in our note.
  • The Art Show, March 6 to 13 2013: Celebrating its 25th year running, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) with the participation of artists and curators and gallery owners from 72 countries.
  • Spring Break Art Show, March 8 to 11 2013: A new exhibition of art and curating that takes place during spring break when conducting the Armory Arts Week. 
  • SCOPE New York 2013. March 6 to 13, 2013: SCOPE returns to New York with a distinguished landmark: Skylight at Moynihan Station with exceptional healers.
  • Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair, March 7 to 13 2013: An exhibition of contemporary video art in motion.
  • New City Art Fair – Contemporary Japanese Art 2013, March 7 to 13 2013: A uniquely Japanese art fair in Chelsea, New York.
  • Fountain New York 2013, March 8 to 13 2013: Founded in 2006 by David Kesting, Lincoln Capla and John Leo, is a small art fair that supports independent gallery owners and artists.
  • Independent  2013 at Chelsea Independent
- New York. March 7 to 13, 2013: The fourth edition of the independent art fair.
  • VOLTA NY 2013 at Volta NY Midtown. March 7 to 13 , 2013: Founded in 2005, VOLTA NY is the meeting of young artists with new projects.

Source and images: mutualart

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