If there is something marvelous in American continent, is its nature. Definitely, one of the regions to meet in America is the Amazonia; where is Manaus (Brazil). To enjoy the splendor of this place, was designed a hotel with a sensational idea. It is the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, which allows to live an experience very close to Amazons and rainforest life, but  with comfort. This hotel is built just in the heart of Amazons, in the middle of rainforest and Black River. Its rooms are 70 meters height, built in circular distribution, so the light reaches all of them. This jewel in the Amazons is an unmissable for all of them who enjoy nature and splendor of rainforest with comfort. The hotel organizes activities during the day, from piranhas fishing to swimming with pink dolphins, alligators hunting and night promenade in the rainforest.

Source and images: ©Ariau Amazon Towers,  ©Leonide Principe

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