Anka Zhuravleva is a Russian-born artist who now lives in Portugal. Her first artistic interest was painting. Since childhood, she was surrounded by an artistic environment through art books and her mother’s painting tools. Years later decided to study painting at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Due to a tragedy in her personal life, Anka moved away from painting and uncertainty and in a whirlwind of emotions arrived to her life. It was not until she met her partner, Alexander, that resumed her taste for art , and painting back to life under the guardianship of painter Gavriil Lubin. By experimenting with the oil paintings, she realized that the inspiration for her pieces, often came from photos, so she decided to explore it. Since that time, her photographic portfolio began to growing, to be defined and released. This combination of painting and photography is very noticeable in her pictures, because a discipline feeds the other. The results are painterly photographs inspired by colors like vanilla, subtle greens , ginger and chocolate, to name a few . In addition, her photographs have a vintage touch that makes one to think of a painting. Today, Anka is dedicated to photography as much to painting, and her work has appeared in extensive international publications, books and exhibitions.

Source and images: ©Anka Zhuravleva y Anka Zhuravleva Facebook

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