Berlin-based photographer and digital artist Anja Bührer, aka latoday, uses her hauntingly beautiful aesthetic to depict a myriad of dreamy scenes. Bührer’s conceptual photographs lie somewhere between dreams and nightmares, as though one is trapped in this in-between state of unconsciousness. There’s a haziness throughout her dreamedsouls, and streetcollections that somehow balance the familiar with the unknown.

Bührer manipulates her photos in such a way that they exude a surreality while maintaining their plausibility. The faceless silhouettes playfully frolic against faint and blurry backdrops like we’re peering into the mind of someone having difficulty recalling their childhood. The photographer captures the duality of nostalgia and memory loss, as well as the yearning to recall urban childhood memories. The subjects and settings complement one another in their ambiguous appearance, heightening the images’ mystifying effect.

Information via My Modern Met and images ©Anja Bührer

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