Artprice announced that Andy Warhol retook the leadership position in the global ranking of art auctions in 2012, leaving second to Zhang Daquan and Picasso in the third. With cumulative sales of over 329 million, Warhol took up the position he had occupied in 2007.

The most expensive work of Warhol is I love your kiss forever forever, a lithograph in colors in which Warhol embodied five times with different colors and sensual lips of one of Warhol’s muses and icon of mass culture, Marilyn Monroe. This work sold at $ 112.500. After this one is New Coke, which was sold for $ 93.750. This is an image of a Coca Cola can with its contents spilled dunk made ​​from a Polaroid photograph. They were auctioned at Christie’s in New York along with a total of 125 pieces from the collection of the Warhol Foundation, which, on the 25th anniversary of the death of the artist, looking to get rid of its works to raise funds and provide scholarships for the promotion art.

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