Austrian photographer Andreas Franke diving enthusiast has launched a new series entitled Stavronikita Project: The Life Above Refined Below, exhibited deep in the Caribbean off the coast of Barabados. Less than two years ago photographer began an underwater gallery almost 40 meters deep, his picture was placed in the sunken ship USS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg. This new exhibition, although similar in the approach offers a new set of surreal images to see for underwater diving. In his latest project Franke explores the decadent lifestyle of the rich during the Rococo period. The Viennese artist used images of his models that mimic the opulent abundance period as a visual contrast to his deepwater shots of the Stavronikita SS, creating a rich intriguing image interpretation. Like his previous work is protected underwater plexiglass, sealed with silicone and a steel frame and attached to the ship with powerful magnets. The show can now be seen at a depth of 80 feet, through April 2013. To learn more about his work visit his WEBSITE.

Source and images: ©Staudinger + Franke & Andreas Franke 

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