On Saturday June 15, jazz expressiveness and energy filled the stage of the Sala Telefónica del Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral. With a big smile and lots of attitude, the Israeli-born bassist Omer Avital along with trumpeter Avishai Cohen, Omer Klein piano and Daniel Freedman on drums did vibrate to the Mexican audience. “Free forever” was the beginning of a night adventure where experimentation and complicity of the quartet remained for two hour concert. More than seeing a group, the public witnessed a gathering of friends living jazz.

Applause, laughter and improvisation wrapped pieces as “Suite of The East”, “Song for Peace” and “The Mountain Top. Omer Avital was happy and grateful for the answer: “It is our second time in Mexico and each time it gets better. We are enjoying it, I hope you feel the same”. In the most memorable moments of the night were when Omer Avital Klein and danced and encouraged the public, while Cohen did his thing on trumpet. Freedman was not far behind and put aside the drumsticks to run dye tabaleos full Brazilian samba and Afro-Cuban. The atmosphere of the four members on stage chemistry was unmatched and they achieved was unique. This presentation was part of a series of lectures and concerts “NY Jazz All Stars” organized by DeQuinta Productions in collaboration with Jazz At Lincoln Center in New York. The next presentation will be on Saturday, July 6, by the trombonist, singer and trumpet of Georgia, Wycliffe Gordon. To learn more about the series of lectures and concerts, you can consult the calendar by the page  DeQuinta Producciones and Sala Telefónica by the Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral.

Acknowledgements: ©DeQuinta Producciones, ©Sala Telefónica del Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral

Images:  ©Alfredo Hernández

Source: ©Omer Avital

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