Amy: The Best or the Worst Documentary about the Singer?

Amy Winehouse was a woman who always fought to be authentic and that her powerful voice be heard around the world. Winehouse said that the more she knew herrself, the more she realized that the only good thing she knew to do was music. And she was the person who gave a little soul and depth to a generation that lacked it, where the “be happy, be sexy” is the foundation of every song that is in the Top 10 of each radio station. Amy broke this stereotype and sang to life itself; sadness, pain, failure and managed to make it a hit.

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The success of Amy was the result of the power of her lyrics and her voice, and the musical innovation she brought with herself. Her music was a tribute to soul, blues, R&B and ska genres that many considered unattractive but thanks to her musical work, back to life.

Winehouse won 5 Grammys and many other awards, but the price of fame was a great burden to her. Throughout her career he had a stormy life, which produced her growing addiction to drugs and alcohol, carrying her to death on July 23rd, 2011. Although recent sources indicate that the death was due to the withdrawal symptoms she was experiencing during the rehabilitation process.


This week, as part of  Cannes Film Festival, was paid a posthumous tribute to the English singer. Last weekend was screened the documentary Amy, directed by Asif Kapadia and the team creator of the documentary Senna.

Despite the positive reviews by The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter, the film has received complaints from the relatives of the singer and her former partner Reg Travis. Relatives say that this documentary is actually a fiction created to prove the point of the director and not play with objectivity of the events happening around Winehouse.


So the family has rejected this project, Travis meanwhile launched an article in The Telegraph against the documentary, arguing that the role of Winehouse’s father is reduced to an ambitious man and that people who were interviewed were not involved in the last moments of Amy also the role that had her ex-husband in the development of addiction it is discarded. Finally Amy’s father, Mitch, concluded that the piece is something that honestly “Amy would have hated.”

In FAHRENHEITº we show you the trailer of the controversial documentary.

Source and images: La tercera & People

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