• The Oscar statuette measures 34 inches, weighs 4 kilos and has always have the same design.
  • At first, it had no name, all referred to it as “the Academy statuette”, “the statue of merit” or “the golden trophy.”
  • Margaret Herrick was a quartermaster clerk offices of the Academy, who baptized the statuette for her resemblance to his uncle called Oscar. Since then, it has been called by that name.
  • It was designed in 1928 by Cedric Gibbons, artistic director of the Metro Goldwyn Meyer, and sculpted by George Stanley.
  • The figure is a knight with a sword, standing on a reel of film with five circles, each symbolizing the five original items of the Academy: directors, actors, writers, producers and technicians.
  •  Between 1942 and 1944, the Oscars were made of plaster being wartime. Upon completion of the crisis, were changed to the classic golden statuettes of gold plated solid bronze.
  •  The company produces about 60 statuettes. Those who do not meet all quality controls are melt.
  • It is estimated that to produce an Oscar are needed 12 people and 20 hours.
  • In 1928, Mexican actress Dolores del Rio, married to movie mogul Cedric Gibbons, convinces Emilio “El Indio” Fernández to pose nude as a model for the statuette.

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