Aleksey & Marina is a duo of photographers from Russia. Aleksey is a photographer, while Marina is a fashion designer. This duo joined forces to create shootings involving issues of fashion, beauty, glamor and eroticism. They began collaborating in 1998 with a project entitled Photopainting, in which they work with experimental photography and painting techniques. Since 2004, Aleksey & Marina are dedicated to advertising and editorial projects very attached to fashion, and even have assigned annual projects, as calendars for major fashion or beauty brands.

They like working with sketches to which they devote the necessary time before actually doing the shooting, that, according to them, achieves better results, since everything is thought out and planned, whether the concept is complicated or simple; without sketch there is no shoot. While Aleksey thinks and takes the series to detail, Marina makeup on the models, designs and coordinates sets, besides painting the negative, resulting in unique photos with unusual textures and colors.

Source and images: BEHANCE,  ©ALEKSEY & MARINA

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