Alain Delorme is a Parisian artist born in 1979, who has made numerous colorful photo series throughout his career, which have been developed around the world, as the sequence  Manufactured Totems, held in the PRC, where he managed to capture both the complexity of business life style of people in Shanghai, as the wide contrast of colors that can be seen in the streets. The vast majority of the images in the series have a horizontal format, since one of his purposes was to portray the transit of the traders throughout the city, while in some other he portrays them facing the camera, allowing the viewer to appreciate the dimensions of the loads from another angle. Another objective, was to highlight color ranges so that they could be seen as if they had augmented reality, allowing the viewer to appreciate a greater amount of detail in the shot.

For Delorme, this kind of work allows to denote the coexistence of different time scales where the individual is presented as someone who is liable, directly or indirectly, to adapt both to changes in large cities, as in cultural-commercial to achieve his/her livelihood.

Source and images: ©Alain Delorme

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