On November 21, Adela Goldbard opened her exhibition Collateral: an exploration about the risk and control within the Enrique Guerrero Gallery. Her photographic work focuses on reconstruction and deconstruction of objects, buildings, events and texts through the creation of sculptures and ephemeral constructions, the intervention of the landscape and public space and the photographic record and video. Her work draws on the research based on newspapers and constantly comes to staging as a strategy of ambiguity and strangeness.

More about Adela Goldbard :
She was born in Mexico City in 1979. She studied at the Escuela Activa de Fotografia, Centro de la Imagen and the Casa del Lago. She has several solo exhibitions since 2005. Her series On the Road was traveling around Mexico in 2011 and continues in 2012. She has participated in group exhibitions in Germany, the U.S. , Mexico and Russia. Was the recipient of the Scholarship for FONCA for On the Road project and did an artist residency at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint- Etienne in France, in addition to being a fellow of The Tierney Fellowship by Centro Fotografico Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Her work is part of the Femsa and Coppel Collection.

Source and images: © Galería Enrique Guerrero

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