With more than eight million people in 1,486 km, Mexico City is known for being one of the most populated and surreal cities in the world. ABCDF. Graphic Dictionary of Mexico City is responsible for collecting, in two thousand images, the visual essence that characterizes this city. The size is proportional to the size of the capital it represents (the book is huge and weighs several kilos). Its editor Cristina Faesler argues that it is a “graphic dictionary because the rich chaos of images is presented alphabetically ordered under a scheme of 525 topics”. The investigation that led to this collection, took two years “a splendid material to study the phenomenology of the mega-city Mexican”, adds Faesler. If it is a reality the premise of “picture is worth a thousand words”, then this collection is a living example of it. The chaotic city finally found photographs guess looking synthesize its polyphony. The images include visual symbolic representation of everyday life around us, to the capital every day.

Source: HERE and images: HERE.

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