Este Ford modelo A es el más antiguo aún sobreviviente y a partir de este momento es accesible al público a través del portal de internet.

“The timing was perfect to bring this key part of Ford heritage backto the family as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of my great-grandfather’s birthand his vision to improve people’s lives by making cars affordable for the average family.” Bill Ford

This year Ford, the American car company celebrates the 150th birthday of its founder, Henry Ford. Ford company announced that it will use the first production car, the Model A in 1903 to commemorate the founder of the brand. Bill Ford, great-grandson of Henry, anonymously bought this car for $264,000 at auction last year and presented the vehicle to the workers of the company. This Ford Model A is the oldest still surviving from this time and is publicly accessible through the WEB.

Source and images: © Ford

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