Kyoto hosts a hotel defined by simplicity, Capsule Hotel, useful for running the core business. A Japanese hotel with a large number of extremely small size rooms called modular blocks capsules or plastic or fiber glass, 2 mts. long, 1 mt. high and 1.25 mts. wide, 2 sq. mts. specifically. The capsules contain a bed, a TV, a console and wireless internet access for a small fee for those who need accommodation unnoticed. The capsules are placed in 2 heights of indefinite length, with steps providing access to the holes of the second level. Luggage is stored in lockers, which are sometimes found outside the hotel. Privacy is ensured by using a curtain or fiberglass door into the open end of the capsule. The bathrooms are common and most of these hotels have restaurants, or at least, machines, vending, pool and other entertainment facilities. The Capsule hotel allows guests to not spend more than one night in a row. The idea is to get to the hotel to check in, bathing within the first hour, seven hours sleep, rest and prepare for another one to come out.

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