Seven Reasons to Travel to Cuba Right Now

If you have not yet visited Cuba, here we tell you why you should travel there now, before it’s too late.


1. Cuba is unlike any other place on earth: This Caribbean island is the largest. For some people, it is synonymous with communism and revolution; for others, time travel where you will find cars of the 50s, this is a site that has not been touched by capitalism, so everything you see here will not find elsewhere.

2. People of Cuba: Cubans are fun, warm and very interesting people. Their culture is a mixture of races: African, Asian and European. People are attentive and cheerful, so surely you will receive special treatment as a tourist.


3. Architecture: Cuba is an architectural treasure. Havana has colorful buildings and colonial style. Walk the streets of this city is very rewarding, as several historical centers are the heritage of humanity.

4. The natural landscapes: Besides its beautiful beaches, has beautiful scenery such as Pinar del Rio and the forests of the Sierra Maestra. Similarly, diving enthusiasts will find coral reefs surrounding the island, where there is a wide variety of fish. cuba-fahrenehit-3

5. Beaches: Cuba has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many have typical food restaurants to enjoy, like traditional mojitos. Of the most beautiful beaches we highlight: Varadero (Atlantic Ocean), Cayo Guillermo (Atlantic Ocean), Cayo Coco (Atlantic Ocean), Playa Ancon (Caribbean Sea), among others.

6. The cuisine: Cuban food is a fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean. For foodies, Cuba is a feast of flavors.


7. Culture: Because of its political history and its economic and social difficulties, Cuba has a rich culture. All this makes the island a place that every traveler should know.

Source and images: Guía Viajo Bien


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