“Time Out” celebrates a year in Mexico.

In April, “Time Out Mexico”, the local version of the guide more entertainment and culture in the world, celebrates its first anniversary and is celebrating with 30 days of free activities to live, feel and love the city. Under the slogan Thank DF, “Time Out” pays tribute to this city where it was born 12 months ago, and that every day gives us the opportunity to have new and interesting things about it.

“We wanted to celebrate this first year paying tribute to this place that allowed us to settle here, and every day gives us the necessary material for a magazine, a website, a podcast, books, events and participation in radio,” says Paola Palazón Seguel, Publisher of Time Out Mexico. “Our way to pay this tribute is to create spaces where people can live, enjoy and share with the city.”

Throughout April, “Time Out” takes to Mexico City with activities in different fields: film, food, art and music. The start of this tribute is Monday April 1st, with the opening of the exhibition Addicts City, a show that brings together 27 young illustrators who present their works inspired by the city. Both the timing of the month as its details can be found on the website of Time Out Mexico and followed in social networks of publication.

April 2013: These activities are accompanied with a special edition of the magazine this month has a special on the trends that make it more pleasant to live in Mexico City, those who always appreciated. In addition, a special on the favorite places for lawyers, writers, journalists and architects, and a guide to restaurants, local eateries and stalls you must visit to find out what the city knows. The cover of the first edition of  anniversary of “Time Out Mexico” is a collaboration of Miguel Vasquez MASS graphic artist, winner of the 2012 Grammy Award for Best Packaging. MASA, who has worked for other magazines of the global network of Time Out, is a staunch admirer of Mexico City.

“Thanks Mexico City, because you’re a city like no other, full of contrasts where old and new blend together to create that unforgettable space that everyone has in ones head, longing, desire and love,” he says. But the celebration does not end there. Two interesting local initiatives have joined this party of Time Out. So, our city during April will also have much flavor. Kim’s Kitchen, confections mark set by Kim De Anda, has launched a special edition of Mexico’s City-flavored biscuits that will only be available on itr site ( Sounds delicious and it is. To Kim’s Kitchen Mexico City knows orange and mezcal agave nectar. “Cookie says De Anda, was created with the idea of reflecting what is happening today in Mexico City. Mezcal is the best example of what our city is today: a mix of tradition and modernity. ”

Along the same lines, Bruxo said this. Also from April 1st, the brand of mezcal is selling limited edition 1st Anniversary Time Out Mexico, an ensemble aged in clay pot which have occurred only 120 liters. This special edition is the work of mezcal master Pepin Rodriguez of Las Salinas, Oaxaca. It will cost 750 pesos and may only be purchased by writing to

We have much to celebrate, so it’s time to start!

Mexico City: This is our way of celebrating and honor you.

“About Time Out”

“Time Out” is the leading city magazine franchise in the world. It offers the best options at restaurants, nightlife, shopping, cinema, music, theater, books, gay and etcetera. It emerged in 1968 in London and in the subsequent decades expanded to 37 major cities of the world: New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong, among others. In 2012 arrived in Mexico.

About “Time Out Mexico”

“Time Out Mexico” is the guide of  the City. It aims to be a platform for communication and experiences that stimulate people’s relationship with the living space, promoting coexistence with the city. “Time Out Mexico” is the benchmark for citizens on entertainment and cultural issues.

Information and images: © Time Out Mexico

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