The Ferrari Mondial 1954 was designed by Pininfarina and is the sixth in the series 22. The Scuderia Ferrari prepared a group of Mondials to compete in the 21 Mille Miglia. This has to be one of the most iconic cars made ​​by Ferrari, and arguably the most beautiful sports car ever built.

Designed by Pininfarina, the stunning 1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial Series Spider that is full de160 hp 2-liter powerful enough to reach 150 mph. On July 14, 1954, the company sold the 500 Mondial of Mario and Bianca Maria Piazza, a racing team between spouses. It was pade 3,500,000 lire for 0418MD, a considerable sum for a car that already had a big race under its belt. The last South-American race recorded came in 1958 with an unidentified driver with the alias “Guido Lollobrigida.” In the mid 1960s, the car had moved to the U.S. and has campaigned there. By the 1970s, the original engine had retired. During the coming years, adequate Mondial engine, 0506MD, installed, and car passed to David Uihlein collectors and then to Bill Jacobs.

Currently, this car has campaigned in the 2007 Mille Miglia Storica. It is amazing to consider that this car has successfully completed the Mille Miglia on six occasions. The 500 Mondials are famous for their balance, intuitive responses, unforgettable sound and sensation of speed.

Source and images: © Ferrari 1954 Mondial

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